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2021 Elections: People Power’s Kobugabe Vows To Oust M7 Gal Rwabwogo From Kabarole

By Keefa Nuwahereza

As the 2021 general election looms nearer, several Members of Parliament are having sleepless nights, because of presidential contender Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s People Power movement, which is fronting candidates to oust them.

One of them is President Yoweri Museveni’s Blue-eyed Gal, sexy Sylvia Rwabwogo, who is the Kabalore District Woman Member of Parliament (MP), who is likely not to survive the 2021 political onslaught, after Bobi Wine’s People Power movement lining up five candidates to oust her.

Rwabwogo, who made headlines after jailing Brian Isiko for sending her sweet love messages with intent to tap for her Sumbie, is in trouble, because Bobi Wine’s People Power has finalized preparations to unseat her and front youthful Lilian Kobugabe.

Many People Power supporters in Kabalore District fault Rwabwogo for allegedly torturing a fellow youth (Isiko), yet a legislator and leader, she had better ways to resolve the matter, like counselling Isiko, instead of having him imprisoned.

“Yes as a leader, she would have known that she leads people of different characters. Someone who is above 18 years sends you love texts and you run to police and courts of law? Rwabwogo embarrassed us as Kabalore people, she would be in news for fighting for poor health services in the district, poor schools and unemployment of our youth but not in sex scandals.” People Power’s Lilian Kobugabe said recently while meeting a section of youth in the district.

Kobugabe added that, “Now Kabalore is known for only one thing; Rwabwogo’s sex scandal! Pregnant women are walking long distances to get antenatal care due to lack of adequate health facilities in the district, so are our children studying at distant schools where you find young girls moving at night to and from schools which are very far, yet Rwabwogo as Woman MP hasn’t done anything about it. Everybody would expect our woman MP to be a voice for these women and girls but she prefers to be busy with court battles against a youth, moreover just because of love texts.”

During the said meeting, Kobugabe vowed to unseat Rwabwogo so that Kabalore can get a voice in Parliament.

“Hon. Rwabwogo is ever quiet in the House, only to be seen voting for things like lifting presidential age limit or mobile money tax. Did she consult us before taking that side? Who then authorized her? It is enough, let her not waste time and funds to return in 2021, Kabalore is ready to substitute her with an effective voice,” Kobugabe said.

Who Is Kobugabe:

Born to late Joseph Byamukama and Ms. Kajoina of Kabalore, Kobugabe attended Railway Primary School in Kasese, Mugusu Primary School in Mugusu Parish in Kabalore, Kyebambe Girls for ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.

She joined Shimon PTC and was awarded a Grade three Certificate and later joined Ndejje University where she was awarded a diploma in Accounting. Kobugabe has a Bachelors in Business Management.

She told excited Kabalore youth that during the 2021 election she is to contest as an Independent but with People Power blessings  and promised to be a voice that will lobby for better health centres, schools in different sub-counties, training and skilling youth so that they can start up their jobs, helping farmers in the district and legislate better laws for the girl child.

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