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1,035 students’ results withheld as UNEB released 2022 UCE results.

The 2022 Uganda Certificate Examinations (UCE) Results have today been released by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) at a function from State House Nakasero. 1,035 students’ results have been withheld as a result of malpractice
Dan Odongo, the Executive Secretary of UNEB, said that though the number of results to be withheld has been declining steadily at this level, many schools are still participating in the practice.
“Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics have been most affected by examination malpractice, with external assistance, impersonation, and script substitution as common cases,” said Odongo.
He disclosed that examination centres from which results are withheld will be notified through their portals.
A total of 349,445 candidates registered to sit the examination at 3703 examination centers.
Of these, 175,923 (50.3%) of the candidates are males, while 173,522 (49.7%) are females.
A total of 114,200 (32.7%) of the candidates were funded under the Universal Secondary Education (USE) Programme, while 235,245 (77.3%) candidates are Non-USE.
According to UNEB, female candidates performed better than male candidates in the English language, while male students showed better performance in Chemistry.
“Overall, male candidates performed better at all the higher divisions than their female counterparts,” said Dan Odongo.
He further revealed that there is an improvement in performance in the large entry subjects except in Christian Religious Education, Biology, and Commerce.
“Over 40% of the candidates have not passed the two subjects of Physics and Chemistry,” he said.
The Uganda Prison Service examination centre registered 51 candidates and all sat. Eight passed in Division 2, 16 got Division, 26 passed in Division 4 and one failed.
A total of 721 Special Needs Education (SNE) candidates (389 males, 332 females) registered for the 2022 UCE examination compared to 519 in 2020.
Meanwhile, candidates, their parents, and any other person wishing to access results may do so through their mobile phones. Go to the ‘Message’ menu and type UCE, leave space, and type the correct index number of the candidate; e.g. U0000/001. Send to 6600.

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