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Is this a marketing technique or a beef between the two?

There is an allegedly ongoing beef on social media between female singers Spice Diana, and Sheebah Karungi. The two currently rank among the best female singers in the country.
Do the two have a real beef, or are they playing a joke to promote their music?
For starters, there has long been talk of a feud between Spice and Sheebah. This was fueled by their respective fans; “Sheebaholics” and “Spice Gadgets.”
However, in May 2022, when Sheebah attended Spice’s “Star Gal” EP album launch at Cubana Lounge in Munyonyo, the public thought the two had buried Hatchet.
The two hugged and revealed to the public that there was totally no beef between them.
Fast forward to December last year, when Sheebah held a two-day concert at the Serena Hotel, and Spice was in attendance. Similarly, when Spice held her concert at Cricket Oval this year, Sheebah was in attendance and she performed.
However, hell broke loose a few days after Spice’s concert when a dancer (Ritah Dancehall), who was a mutual friend of the two singers, came out and gave her opinion about Spice’s concert.
A week later, the dancer was arrested and jailed. Through her social media, Sheebah condemned the arrest.
“Weird Fact: When I posted the video of me and one of my favorite dancers, Ritah Dancell Wide, I had no idea what was happening (honestly, I am still in shock). I am sad that it had to get that far because I personally don’t think it should have gotten that far. I still think there could’ve been a better way to settle this other than jail,” wrote Sheebah.
“But then again, maybe that’s just me. Let me make a phone call and see if there’s any way we can solve this as mature, kind, and respectful humans,” she added.
Ritah Dancer was released, and Sheebaholics decided to take the matter into their own hands.
They posted snake emojis as they accused Spice of being a fake friend.
Spice responded by unfollowing Sheebah on Instagram, and deleting all their photos.
As we compile this article, the alleged beef seems to have shifted from the fans to the singers.
Last week, Spice released a song titled “Baligeya”, a song presumed to be dissing Sheebah and her fans. Spice has also made a series of posts claiming to be promoting the song.
In what is assumed to be Sheebah’s response, she is set to do a triple release of songs next week.
This morning, Sheebah took to her social media pages and branded herself “honey and fruit,” adding that she doesn’t look for flies, flies look for her, which seemingly appears to be an attack directed at Spice Diana.
We wait to confirm if this is a beef or a common strategy to promote music.

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