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Why did Eddy Kenzo block Big Eye?

Singer Big Eye appears hesitant to back off from fellow musician Eddy Kenzo, whom he accuses of being mean with his connections and contacts abroad.
When Kenzo failed to bring home the Grammy award last weekend, Big Eye took to his official Facebook page and accused Kenzo of being egotistical and failing to connect Ugandan artists with international singers so they could shine as he does.
Since then, Big Eye has repeatedly poked Kenzo.
Big Eye claims that when he attempted to ask Kenzo for his international connections, he was blocked.
“Some time back, I called him and asked for his international contacts. He never replied. So I contacted his team members because they are my friends.
“But shockingly, when he found out, he went to his team members’ phones and blocked my contact,” said Big Eye.
Despite regularly updating his social media, Kenzo, who has not yet returned to Uganda, has remained silent about the situation.

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