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You have low standards if you have never been called a gold digger.

Anita Fabiola, has claimed that if a woman is called a gold digger, it indicates that she has standards.
For starters, a “gold digger” is a person who forms a relationship with another purely to extract money from them.
The former presenter, however, has given the word a twist in relation to its original meaning.
According to Fabiola, who recently wed Mark Ronald Mubiru in a lavish ceremony in Kigo, any woman who has a wealthy man as a romantic interest is a woman with standards.
“If you haven’t been called a gold digger at least three times, then your standards are low,” she captioned a video on TikTok.
“We only accept princess treatment all year round with no apologies,” she added.
Given that her husband Mark can afford to support her lavish lifestyle, this may be confirmation that Fabiola has no problem with the label of “gold digger.”
You should all remember that Mark asked Fabiola to marry him in the Maldives in 2021. Not to mention that Mark gave Fabiola a brand-new Mercedes Benz worth about Shs200 million during their Kuhingira ceremony this year.

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