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Corrupt RDCs to be sacked-Min. Babalanda

The minister for presidency, Milly Babalanda has warned resident district representatives (RDCs) of misusing their offices citing corruption tendencies on some offices, Babalanda said this while meeting RDCs in the central Coline Hotel Mukono.
Babalanda said that she will stop transferring them but to instead sack them, because transferring corrupt RDCs has not solved anything in the region especially matters regarding land matters.
“I have discovered that some transfering corrupt RDCs from one district to another has solved nothing. Instead they are moving their corrupt characters in the new places of worship, the solution is to sack them” Said Babalanda.
The minister wondered as to why these RDCs who were appointment by the president, start to operate against the his directives but to the land grabbers because they bribe them.
During the workshop the RDCs defended themselves and said that their main challenges are from the some police commanders and working for the so called bigwigs, they also said the judiciary also cooperates with the land grabbers and have strong relationships in offices.
They also told the minister that their work are being sabbotaged by top government officials in Kampala, and they are the main land grabbers, and they feel that they’re untouchables and when we stop their activities they turn to tarnishing our names to the president yet we work inline with the law.
Currently there are many land controversies across the country, and most of the presidential representatives have been involved in these scams, the most recent incident was in Masaka city where RCC Ronald Katende was suspended for sidelining with a mafia to evict the 87 year old woman without rightful orders.

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