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You can’t even do 2% of what a man does – Cindy blasts Sheebah.

Cindy Sanyu continues to take a dig at Sheebah as she schools her on the difference between what a man & a woman do.
It should be noted that from all her public interviews, Sheebah has been fronting a narrative that she needs no man in her life as she can apparently do anything a man can do or even better.
The former Team No Sleep songstress even went ahead to reveal how having a man is not an achievement in life and that marriage is not something she has to focus on.
However according to netizens, Sheebah’s comments seem to have had been an indirect swipe at her nemesis Cindy who always fronts her husband.
Upon coming across Sheebah’s comments, the former Blu*3 singer retaliated by revealing why her man is important in her life.
She also noted that men were created differently to complement a woman and that there are so many things that they can do that women are not able to.
“She’s right, having a man is not an achievement. It’s not on the bucket list but it’s destiny for every normal woman that at a certain point, you should settle down with a man and have children, a home, and something bigger than yourself. Your legacy continues with your children and that’s why most women want that.
It is destiny, not an achievement. It’s not the same as having an AFRIMA award for the best female artist in East Africa.