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Woman in Mbarara arrested for forcing him to sleep in the latrine.

Police in Mbarara have arrested Shantel Mercy, a resident of Nyakeizi cell in Kakoba division, Mbarara city, for allegedly torturing her five-year-old stepson.
The five-year-old was discovered by the police in one of the residential public latrines in the area with extensive wounds and marks from canes.
It is alleged that the stepmother has been forcing the boy to sleep in the latrine after severely beating him.
The LC1 chairman of Nyakeizi cell, Ahmed Timanywa, said, “I was notified at about 9 am that a woman is keeping her stepson under the bed with a burnt back and also keeps him in the latrine. I was also informed that she has been asking the boy to clean it with his own tongue, so I notified the police, who swung into action.”