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Woman Dies In Rukungiri Church, Prophetess Arrested.

Trouble has befallen self proclaimed Prophetess as one her followers died in her church while she was praying for her.

The deceased has been identified as Kyampiire Monica, 29 year old woman, resident of Nyakasharara Village, in Burama parish, Bugangari Sub County in Rukungiri district.

Caleb Murangira the husband to the deceased, narrated to us that his wife felt sick a week ago and she was referred to hospital but opted for prayers after finding it hard to access the hospital.

Caleb adds that they were later advised to take her to self-styled Prophetess Oliver Byanyima a resident of Kashenyi village, in Nyabiteete parish also in Bugangari Sub County where she passed on after two days of prayers.

Prophetess Byanyima revealed that she has been praying and healing people for over 17 years but Kyamiire’s death surprised her.

The residents said that on several occasions, authorities have always advised this prophet to desist from inviting people for prayers especially during this period of COVID-19 when the President closed down all places of worship but their advice fell on deaf ears.

Rukungiri police led by Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Victor Ariimpa visited the crime scene and took the body to Rwakabengo Health Center (III) mortuary for postmortem.
“President Museveni halted gatherings as one of the ways to curb the spread of COVID-19 but it’s unfortunate that some people still hold prayers against this directive”. Arimpa noted.
Rukungiri Police have arrested a self-styled Prophetess for allegedly for keeping a sick woman at her Church who later died in her hands

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