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Who says a man should have only one woman – Speaker Among .

Speaker of Parliament Anitah Among has called on the public to refrain from meddling in the upcoming royal wedding between Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Nadiope, and Jovia Mutesi. The ceremony is scheduled to take place this Saturday at Christ’s Church Cathedral, Bugembe, Jinja City.
During the parliamentary session this afternoon, Among expressed her concern over the spreading rumours about the Kyabazinga having multiple wives.
She said that there is no legal prohibition against a man having more than one wife in Uganda and urged those speculating about the Kyabazinga’s personal life to desist.
“Some people want to poke their noses in other people’s personal lives. They should leave the Kyabazinga. If they are saying he has many wives, who tells you a man should have one woman? Let the man wed his Inebantu,” said Among.
While polygamy is legally accepted in Uganda, certain religious denominations, such as Anglicans and Catholics, do not allow a man to marry more than one woman.
Speaker Among’s comments were prompted by threats of legal action from Alison Anna Nadiope, who claims to be legally wedded to the Kyabazinga. Alison alleges that a civil ceremony took place in the United Kingdom in December 2016, and she insists that the Kyabazinga has not divorced her. According to her, entering into another marriage would constitute bigamy, punishable under UK law.
A letter from Mugerwa and Partners Advocates and Solicitors on behalf of Alison, dated November 8, was addressed to the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and the Bishop of Busoga Diocese, seeking to halt the royal wedding.
However, the Prime Minister of Busoga Kingdom, Dr. Joseph Muvawala, countered these claims, denying any prior marriage of the Kyabazinga and rejecting the existence of any children. He attributed the allegations to ‘propaganda’ intended to tarnish the Kyabazinga’s reputation.
As the controversy continues, the Busoga Kingdom remains steadfast in its preparations for the royal wedding, emphasizing the need for privacy and respect for the Kyabazinga and the Inebantu.