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MP Sekabira’s Nursing School’s registrar jailed over illegally issuing fake academics documents.

Luwero nursing and midwifery school’s registr tvar a one Ogwal was arrested yesterday for forgery and issuance of fake academic documents to students who didn’t pass well their UCE exams!
The accused says he has been working under the orders of the area MP *Ssekabira Denis* as the director of both Luwero Paramedical and Luwero nursing and midwifery schools.
A number of students with evidence have been discovered with the same complaint ever since a one *DEI SHARIFAH* from Arua reported and opened a case at police against these two institutions that belong to Mr. Ssekabira!
Mr. OGWAL is aligned before the courts of law to face charges of forgery and issuance of fake academic documents!
The same Katikamu North Member of Parliament Denis Sekabira is also in trouble for allegedly assaulting the Luwero Town council Mayor.
The Luwero town council chairperson mr. Buwembo Chris Jones reported Katikamu North MP Denis Sekabira at Luwero police on case ref. 41-6-11-23. He was allegedly assaulted Sekabira himself alongside a group of goons.
The incident occurred on 30th/10/2023 in public as the people of Bulemeezi where ushering in the Buganda Masaza Cup trophy won by Bulemeezi, that’s when Sekabira and his goons beat him to pulp.
Buwembo says that the MP pounced on him, slapping him severally before confiscating his mobile phone with aid from his goons, but up to now police has not summoned him to record the statement.
According to sources the misunderstandings between the two NUP leaders in Luwero started in one of the party meetings when Buwembo also NUP youth wing leader in greater Luwero, accused the legislator for his bad acts that taints the party’s good image which he feared that it would claim the party’s support in Luwero district.
Since then the rift ensued between the two leaders and Buwembo started receiving threats in his inbox from the legislator a thing that put his life at risk.
In his petition to the secretary general of national unity platform, Lewis Lubongoya, Buwembo stated that he has been closely watching his fellow leader’s characters which are totally opposite to the party’s motives calling for the party’s intervention.
Also in the petition, the Luwero Chairperson accuses this same leader of killing a herdsman ”Mulaalo” by flogging with a one Kayingini of Kasana and incapacitated a one Golola of Lutuula village with help of police officers and no one has ever been charged with the overwhelming evidence on ground.
MP Sekabira is also faulted for being an NRM and Salim a Saleh agent as he was one time caught stealing UMEME power at his illegal nursing school, its alleged Sekabira told UMEME officials that he was using power on orders of Salim Saleh.
Lastly Sekabira is also accused of stealing presents such as cows and goats given to him to deliver them to the NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi and when it comes to party activities in Luwero he shuns then in the guise of escorting the president on numerous trails.