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Watu Credit Uganda empowers  women to join the boda boda business.

Watu Credit Uganda Limited, has empowered women on joining the boda boda business in Uganda.
Watu Credit Uganda Limited, is an asset financing company that provides boda bodas to people on loan.
Recently, women have started engaging in the boda boda business as it continues to be one of the most lucrative livelihoods in the country.
In Kampala alone, it is estimated that there are over 400,000 boda boda riders of which majority of these are males, as several factors still lock women out of the business.
The high cost of owning and starting a boda boda business has been a major hindrance to the women inclusion in this business.
In a step to change things within the industry, Watu opened its all-female operated branch in Kampala. This initiative aims at encouraging more women to enter the male-dominated industry.
“The all-female branch is intended to encourage more women to come in and enquire about boda bodas and give them more confidence entering the industry,” an official from the company said
Watu believes women are equally affected by unemployment as men and that they therefore should be given the same opportunities as men as they have the chance to become entrepreneurs
The company provides boda bodas on loans with interested individuals needing Shs 800,000 minimum down payment, National ID, two guarantors with National Ids and a mobile money account. Once one meets all the requirements, it takes only two hours to get the motorcycle.

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