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Victoria University celebrates 7th graduation ceremony.

Victoria University held its 7th graduation ceremony at Kololo Independence Grounds on Thursday. The event was a joyous occasion, honoring the accomplishments of 458 graduates who have successfully earned their degrees.
Several familiar faces from various fields were conferred with degrees, adding a touch of celebrity flair to the ceremony.
One of the most prominent figures in attendance was Faridah Nakazibwe, a renowned news anchor at NTV Uganda, who received her Master’s in Business Administration.
In an interview with journalists during the ceremony, Nakazibwe reflected on the challenges she faced while pursuing her degree.
“It is hard to study as an adult. So running from the newsroom to come and attend physical classes was not easy,” she said.
Another television personality gracing the occasion was Annet Nambooze, popularly known as Anatalia Ozzy, a presenter at NBS. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations. Ozzy candidly shared the hurdles she overcame to complete her course, including getting pregnant in the midst of her studies.
“I got pregnant in the middle of the course, and one of the worst experiences was that I had to attend classes because the lecturer insisted on physical attendance,” she revealed.
Singer Maureen Nantume’s eldest daughter, Whitney Nakalema, also joined the ranks of Victoria University graduates, earning her own degree.