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Undervalued Kiyindi Residents Vowed To Block Government Water Project.

More than 100 people living in Gimbo Busaana and Buyoga in Kiyindi town council, Buikwe District, have rejected the government’s valuation price for their bibanja.
This project, which is meant to supply water from Lake Victoria to Kiyindi town council and the neighboring sub counties, was supposed to commence in September 2021, but due to the bickering it has been delayed up to now.
In the meeting conducted at Gimbo village the residents led by their chairperson, they say the government undervalued their land and the properties thereon and vowed not to leave unless they are paid the appropriate price for their property.
“It’s not that we are fighting government projects but we need fair compensation, they didn’t not value our plantations and houses, we don’t know where to start” residents to the Minister.
They also reported to the state Minister for Water, that the Shs. 2 million that were given to them per 100×50 plot is not enough for them to buy a piece of land somewhere, therefore they urged the minister to consider reversing the payments.
“Currently a plot of land in Kiyindi town council is between Shs. 8 Millions to Shs. 9 millions and the government wants to give us 2 millions which is not fair at all” said Olwenyi Bernard, a resident.
Francis Batte Salongo, the Gimbo village Chairperson said that they are not leaving the place not until they are given the money that is worth their bibanja.
“It’s very unfortunate that when we rejected the little compensation the officials from the water Ministry promised to use the army to guard the contractors to establish the project by force” the LC 1 chairperson reported to the minister.
The Buikwe district Woman member of parliament and state Minister in the office of the vice president, Diana Mutasingwa called for better compensation to residents so that they move in good harmony and give way to the project to move on.
“I condemn the acts of some officials from the ministry of water, I will not allow our people to be displaced with this little money which can’t buy a plot somewhere,”
Diana adds that there should be a fair compensation through negotiations rather than threatening to use violence on the innocent residents
State Minister for water Aisha Ssekindi admitted that there were some irregularities by their officers who went on the ground, and it was due to lack of proper communication with seniors in the ministry.
“I on behalf of the ministry I apologise for the mess if what you are telling us is true and no one can be evicted without compensation”. Sekindi to Residents.
Ssekindi assured residents that the mess will be sorted after meeting the Permanent secretary and the commissioners in charge of the project such that the affected people are compensated handsomely .
This delayed water project has a whooping Shs. 25 billions, budget grant from the african development bank, manned by the umbrella water organization that manages water supply in small towns under the Ministry of water.

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