Saturday, May 18News That Matters


It was a very special moment for Lira town Fortebettor after being paid a whole UGX 121 million that he hammered from Fortebet.
This money was handed over to him by Fortebet Ambassador, Alex Muhangi at Fortebet head office at Kololo.
His betting ticket is a wonder! This winner selected a whole 30 matches on his ticket (number 3125071377149999) and all he needed was a total goal score of two and above. Indeed, this happened, with some matches just giving him what he wanted like 1-1, 2-0 and 0-2.
His odds were relatively small, but his secrete winning weapon was in the number of matches.
“I want to thank Fortebet for being a trustworthy company. I confirm that I received my money to zero balance. I want to encourage everyone to keep trying your luck because winning bet money is all about luck and consistence,” said the winner, whose identity is concealed on his request.
He said he is going to buy more land and erect some building on it.

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