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Ugandans Embrace Hill Water With Gusto

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Millions of Ugandans across the country have embraced Hill Water as their most favourite mineral water.

Hill Water is pure natural mineral water because it is extracted  from natural water sources, purified and bottled using  state of the art technology to ensure that it has no additives.

Hajji Haruna Ssemakula

Certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), Hill Water has become a household item these days, especially because it comes in several quantities like 1.2 litres, 500Ml, 18.9 litres, dispensers, among others.

Hajji Haruna Ssemakula, the properitor of Hilla Water Bottling company, who is contesting for the Mukono District LC5 Chairmanship, contends that Ugandans are taking pride in drinking Hill Water because it is a product that is produced by fellow Ugandans.

“It is one way of promoting government’s By Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) initiative,” Hajji Ssemakula said.

He added that; “At Hill Water, we strive to give our clients the most natural bottled water, which doesn’t have any flavours or additives, because they deserve the best. Our slogan is ‘Purity, nothing Less!”

Hill Water is a privately owned and limited by shares company established in 2017.

The main activity of Hill Water is production of bottled water for drinking at competitive prices.

For the purposes of its operations the company has extended its presence in almost all regions of Uganda and maintains distribution teams in all those areas.

Hill Water is a brain child of four foresighted technocrats who with their experience and endless efforts have set up and established a successful model of water production in Uganda to fuel national infrastructure development and well being of its citizens.

The company has an ambitious plan to build a reputation for delivery and distribution of its mineral water to every shop in the country. The phenomenal growth of Hill Water limited is due to its proven bottle, consistent quality, excellent sales and after sales services. The experience and expertise of hill water is reflected in the form of repeat orders from its reputed clients.

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