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Ugandan COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby

By Elite Reporter

A Coronavirus patient in Uganda has given birth to a bouncing baby at Entebbe Grade B Hospital.

The now lactating mother, who is one of the 48 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Uganda, gave birth in while in isolation at the Grade B hospital in Entebbe.

The 21-year-old resident of Kyengera was put into isolation after being infected by her husband, a returnee from Dubai but on Saturday afternoon she delivered a baby girl.

“It was at 1:15pm when she delivered by caesarian section. Both mother and the baby are in stable condition,” said Capt. Dr. David Magoba, of the Special Forces Command, who is in charge of the isolation centre at the hospital.

The 21-year old felt labour pains on Saturday morning but could not push the baby due to a fresh scar, prompting a team of experts to call for a meeting in which it was decided that she could only deliver by caesarian section.

A team of six health workers later attended to her before she delivered a baby girl and she was later wheeled to her isolation room for COVID 19 treatment and post-delivery care.

The officer in charge of the isolation center however said the two will not be separated now, despite chances of transmitting the virus from the mother to her baby.

“There may be some chances of the mother infecting the baby but at the moment, we want the baby to gain some immunity from breastfeeding. We have to keep her with the mother,” Capt. Dr. Magoba said.

He noted that medics will try to mask the mother as a preventive measure

This brings the total number of children under the hospital care to four after another baby was born to Aisha Namatovu who delivered in quarantine and two others whose parents were admitted with COVID-19. All the children are still free from Coronavirus.

Uganda currently has 48 confirmed coronavirus cases as the pandemic continues to ravage various parts of the world.

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