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Uganda Electricity Company warns Residents against Vandalism.

UETCL in partnership with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), have embarked on a sensitisation drive to educate residents against vandalism of electricity equipment.

Vandalism of electricity equipment is a major concern in both urban centres. It contributes to the energy losses registered annually by utility companies.

Fahad Ssegwanyi, the head of Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) Kawanda transmission line, challenged communities to look out for transmission poles in their areas because their destruction affects services to them.

”People in areas of Kawanda, Katikamu should be our first askaris to tell us if there is any problem and also tell any person in authority in their area,” Ssegwanyi said.

Nehemiah Kiggundu, the Transmission Line Inspector for East and Northern region noted that, “This vice is not only in Kawanda but also in places of Hoima, Masaka which were are aware of and we will take action.”

Ssegwanyi then appealed to the president to approve the recently passed Electricity Amendment Bill to enable regulators effectively deal with vandals within the law.

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