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Uganda Airlines decides to add nsenene to its menu.

Uganda Airlines has added Nsenene, a local delicacy to its in-flight menu.
While speaking at the Trade Representative Forum conference, Uganda Airlines Executive director Jennifer Bamuturaki vowed to promote Ugandan-made products by serving them aboard flights to various destinations.
In November 2021, a video of a passenger (Paul Mubiru) on Uganda Airlines flight 446 to Dubai selling grasshoppers went viral. Some Ugandans were not pleased with this and began criticising Mubiru’s actions
He was detained but later released after apologizing.
As more nations continue to support Uganda’s airline with new routes worldwide, Bamuturaki and the executive director of the Uganda Bureau of Standards, David Livingstone Ebiru, stated that nsenene and other local foods will continue to be served as favorite dishes to travelers.
The airline so far connects to the UK, United Arab Emirates, China and India among other routes.

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