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Debunking  Conspiracy Theories Behind Coronavirus & 5G Internetwork

Debunking Conspiracy Theories Behind Coronavirus & 5G Internetwork

By Abel Kawere Governments and media globally are stepping up to debunk the conspiracy linking 5G mobile technology to coronavirus, which led to some 5G masts being set on fire in Britain last week. When asked by a reporter about the so called “theory” that 5G telecommunications towers could play a role in the spread of the disease, British Cabinet Officer Minister Michael Gove said: “That is just nonsense, dangerous nonsense as well.” NHS England’s national medical director, Stephen Powis said the 5G conspiracy idea was fake news with no scientific backing that risked damaging the emergency response to the outbreak. “The 5G story is complete and utter rubbish, it’s nonsense, it’s the worst kind of fake news,” Powis said. “The reality is that the mobile phone networks are abso...
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