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St.Francis schools of health sciences held it’s 6th graduation.

Emeritus Dr. Mathias Ssekamanya has asked the graduates at St. Francis School of Health Sciences to always work hard in their careers if they want to reach greater heights.

He made the remarks during the 6th graduation ceremony at at the institute where 323 students graduated in various health disciplines.

He asked the graduates to be kind to their patients as it is a step to their recovery.

“Always be kind to patients cause that alone can heal them. Have the spirit of love, kindness towards patients as you work with them.” He said

Bishop Ssekamanya also urged them not to settle for their certificates and diplomas but go a head to pursue degrees and masters in their various disciplines.

Kidde John Paul, the chairperson governing council of the institute also appealed to the graduates not to front money in their money over their works.

“Do not put money first as you work, but rather serve with humility.” He said.

“Avoid peer pressure. Do not go for things which are not within your means, otherwise you may end up engaging in corruption which affects your ethics.” He added.

The graduation was also graced by the Namayingo woman Member of Parliament, Margret Makoha on behalf of the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among.

Makoha congratulated the graduates upon finishing school and for making the right course choices, adding that health sector in Uganda needs more health workers.

She also urged the graduates to pursue further studies using the government students loans.

“Pursue further studies as the government is offering students loans to people as their are more opportunities for those doing health courses.” She said.

The students graduates were awarded with certificates and diplomas.

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