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Spice Daina declares that she is in love with someone.

Singer Hajjara Namukwaya, alias Spice Daina, has declared that she is in love with someone.
I am so pretty to be single,Spice Diana opens up about her relationship.
The ‘Best Friend’ singer has for a long time been very private about her relationship.
However, while appearing on the NBS After5 show last evening, Spice publicly admitted being in a relationship with someone’s son.
“A pretty girl like this. My love life exists. So, I’m not single. I’m seeing someone out there, and by the way, today is his birthday,“ said Spice Diana.
Despite the singer declaring that she is in love, she didn’t mention the lucky man she is in a relationship with, saying she wants to keep everything private.
Over the years, Spice Diana has been linked with the likes of her manager, Roger Lubega, and Pallaso, among other celebrities.

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