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Safer Tourism Seal based on Evaluation and Endorsement

Uganda Tourism is the third destination awarded an endorsement by the Safer Tourism Seal experts. This achievement has only been awarded to Kenya and Jamaica before. The endorsement is based on an evaluation and cannot be purchased.

20 destinations and stakeholders requested an independent evaluation, and hundreds of stakeholders in 50 countries and 11 US States are displaying the Safer Tourism Seal based on their self-assessment tourism leaders had been moved into the international hall of tourism heroes.

The Safer Tourism Seal is an initiative by, a global grassroots movement with tourism leaders in 120 countries.

Dear Ms. Ajarova & Mr. Semakula:

It is with great delight and honor that we want to award the Uganda Tourism Board with Rebuilding Travel’s Safer Tourism’s Seal.

Based on the information that you have provided to the Safer Tourism organization regarding Uganda, I have prepared the following report for UTB.

Tourism is one of the world’s leading industries and a major economic development tool, and as such, security (crime and terrorism) has a major impact on the tourism, cruise, and event-oriented economies. Additionally, much of the entire world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects on tourism have been devastating

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