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Retired UPDF soldier held for killing civilian.

A retired soldier of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) has been arrested for allegedly killing a civilian in Kanungu district.

Private Benson Bariyo, a resident of Kyamugaga village, Nyarutojo parish, Kambuga Sub-county allegedly killed Moses Kihwahwa on Monday afternoon after a disagreement.

Zubeida Kababule, an eyewitness says that Bariyo was retiring from the garden where he had spent the day working when he stopped at a friend’s home. During that time, they started talking about insecurity and how one of the youths identified as Junior was stealing household items and selling them to Kihwahwa.

In the process, Kihwahwa emerged and tasked the two men to explain why his name was being mentioned in a discussion. Kihwahwa who was armed with a stick set to hit Bariyo in the head. But, Bayiyo guarded it and also used the machete he was using in the garden and cut Kihwahwa leaving him unconscious.

Kihwahwa was rushed to Kambuga Hospital where he breathed his last on Tuesday morning.

Kigezi Region Spokesperson Elly Maate says that in the aftermath, area residents descended on Bariyo’s home in vengeance. Maate adds that investigations into the matter are ongoing.