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Prophet Mbonye Hit By COVID-19 Lockdown ‘Kawu’, Leaves Believers Wondering What’s Eating Flashy Pastor

By Elite Reporter

Flashy city pastor Prophet Elvis Mbonye, who is known for making outrageous prophesies, is no longer the same Prophet we used to know.

Our Moles intimate that ever since president Yoweri Museveni announced a lockdown on all churches, mosques and other places of worship, man pastors and clergy who used to collect the tithe no longer enjoy doing God’s work, because the money is no longer coming.

A tweet from one of the concerned followers

Among them is Prophet Mbonye, of Zoe Ministries, the Pastor who makes believers kiss his shoes or lie down such that he can walk upon them.

According to our Moles, a comparison of  how Mbonye looked before President Museveni announced the lockdown and how he looks like nowadays can leave one with only one conclusion; the man is a shadow of his former past.

Believers who have seen him lately reveal that they are so worried about their prophet and wondering what is eating him, because he looks so worn out, like someone being eaten by stress and depression, to the extent that he is no longer the flamboyant prophet Mbonye everyone knew.

During his heydays Mbonye  used to move around town with a lot of pomp and glamour, looking all sleek and fashionable, reason why many of his followers are wondering what exactly happened to him, if it not the COVID-19 Lockdown ‘Kawu’.  

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