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President Museveni pledges to support Somalia in its quest to join the East African Community.

President Museveni has pledged to support Somalia in its quest to join the East African Community.
Museveni, who was officiating the Uganda-Somalia Business and Investment Summit in Kampala, tasked the business community in the two countries to use trade as an opportunity to foster unity.
The first of its kind investment forum took place on Wednesday, at Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala and is aimed at tapping investment opportunities in both countries.
Addressing the summit, Museveni said he had always wanted Somalia to join EAC way back when the organisation had only three members (Uganda Kenya and Tanzania).
“I thank Your Excellency for agreeing to come and visit us. We have used the three-day visit for serious discussions. Uganda will support the application by Somalia -and has already done so- to join the East African Community. This time, it is good that Somalia has applied again because they have all it takes. Somalia has got a border with Kenya, and is a democratic country. We shall definitely support Somalia to join the EAC,” said Museveni.
He asked the Somali business community to come and invest in Uganda, noting that business people play a big role in de-campaigning sectarianism and promoting unity among communities.
“If you are a business man, you should not look at the tribe or religion of the customer,” he said, noting that Uganda will continue to support Somalia in its struggle to fight and defeat terrorism in their country.
Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Muhamud said his country values the strong relations and brotherhood that exists between Uganda and Somalia.
“Somalia has a lot of investment opportunities and we are ready to work with Uganda. I want to reiterate the respect Somalia has for Uganda for championing peace in Somalia and our bilateral cooperation,” he said.

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