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President Museveni appoints Maj Gen Dick as new Operation Shuja .

President Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces has appointed Maj Gen Dick Olum as the new overall commander of Operation Shuja but also the commander of the UPDF Mountain Division.
Maj Gen Olum replaces Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga who was last week appointed the new Commander of the UPDF Land Forces.
Born in Zombo district in 1970, Olum has risen through the ranks to establish himself as one of the battle hardened but also finest commanders of the UPDF through the years.
In 2012, he commanded 5000 strong African Union force based in Nzara , South Sudan composed of troops from four countries including Uganda, South Sudan, DRC and Central African Republic tasked with hunting down Lords Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony.
Between 2013 and 2014, Olum served as the UPDF Contingent Commander in Somalia, a job he executed very well.
He has also served as the third infantry division commander in Moroto and in 2021, President Museveni appointed him to the rank of Major General in recognition for a job well done in securing the general election where he served as one of those in charge of security in Northern Uganda during the polls.
Prior to today’s appointment, Olum has been serving as Uganda’s defence advisor at the Embassy in Kinshasa.
By being appointed the overall commander of Operation Shuja, Maj Gen Dick Olum will be returning to the battlefield, an area he loves so much .

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