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Policeman shoots businessman in battle for a woman.

Police Constable Emmanuel Otyek Ikule is on the run after shooting a businessman he suspected to be having an affair with his wife.
It is alleged that Constable Otyek suspected George Okia, a cattle dealer in Kumi to be engaging his wife and tricked him.
“On the fateful day, he left his beat and slept at the brother-in-law’s place and early in the morning, he went to trap the wife and the businessman. On reaching his home, he found no man in the house,” police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said.
He explained that having found no man in his house, Otyek planned another move to have the wife and the businessman nabbed.
According to Enanga, the police officer then went to a local market from where he asked the businessman to sell him a bull but asked that he picks the money at his home.
“When the businessman came, he turned against him and his wife, both of whom he accused of having an affair. He drew out a pistol and shot at Okia but lucky enough, he missed and the businessman ran away,” Enanga said.
He said that following the incident, the police constable went into hiding, prompting a manhunt for him to answer attempted murder charges.
“We have put up a message to all units to have him arrested for attempted murder and scandalous behavior. These are the rogue officers we’re trying to get out of the force.”
The development comes on the backdrop of a spike in cases of shootings around the country.
At least 10 people have been killed in the past three weeks, courtesy of shootings, most of whom the police have described as reckless.

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