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Fresh details about the new religious cult in Kyegegwa.

The new cult under the name of “Obucwezi or Obusingye” with its main headquarters in Masaka district headed by Murema Bashiri has extended its branches in Kyegegwa district.
The Kyegegwa district branch located in Katikara cell in Kakabara town council is headed by James Musaba who has revealed its taboos.
He says like all other religions, the cult worships on Sunday and it prohibits its followers from alcohol, pork, theft, hatred among other sins are also prohibited in the cult.
Musabe says the cult whose branch will be officially launched in Katikara town council Kyegegwa district has all healing powers and that many of its followers have witnessed both body and spiritual healing. He says originally their cult (Obucwezi or Obusingye) was the first to exist in Africa before the coming of other religions.
“Our religion was the first in Africa, other religions followed, let people see the light and join the right religion”, says Musabe.
The Kyegegwa cult leader says like all other religions, the Obucwezi or Obusingye followers also believe in life after death.
The cult believers in their greeting say “Obusingye” and the other responds “Obusingye bwa Murema” and according to the Kyegegwa branch cult leader James Musabe,the religion blesses for peace among its believers.
Speaking to a female believer only identified as Kakuriremu who hails from Katikara cell in Katikara town council also in Kyegegwa district,says she has been healed from the stomach and chest pains she battled with since 2019.
Alex Bahati, another believer also a resident of Katikara town council,says he has got blessings in his business and ever since he joined the religion his businesses are economically progressing.
“I had misfortunes in my businesses, I joined the new religion and now all my projects are steadily developing.My child also healed from a strange disease after he was prayed for”, says Bahati a believer.
Ever since the new cult “Obucwezi or Obusingye” was introduced in the district, it has trended on social media platforms.
Many cults have emerged in Western Uganda as the country guarantees freedom of worship in the constitution. In Kagadi district Western Uganda, there is a cult known as the Faith of Unity that was founded about four decades ago by Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka.Its believers clad in white clothes and are also prohibited from taking alcohol and it emphasizes unity among followers.

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