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Over 44 arrested at a same sex introduction ceremony in Nansana

Police in Nansana municipality has arrested at least 44 people who were found attending a homosexual wedding in 780 zone, Ochen Ward in Nansana, these were arrested after the Police received a tip about the gay wedding.

“Immediately a team of police officers proceeded to the scene and a group of 38 adult males and 6 females were found conducting a ceremony at around 1pm that looked to be a wedding. All the men had make up and some were dressed as female in dresses and wigs,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said.

“At the same function gifts were recovered, these included suitcases, a TV, assorted gifts like sugar, salt, pineapples and many other gifts normally given at traditional functions,” he added.

Owoyesigire added that used and unused condoms were recovered at the scene.

Uganda is among the countries that are opposed to homosexuality. 

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