Tuesday, May 28News That Matters

Omutujju Praises Sheebah for being real.

Rapper Gravity Omutujju is known for his confrontational stance towards those who cross his path.
After months of ongoing tension with Source Management’s head, Gravity has decided to vent his frustrations towards singer Spice Diana.
The artist behind the hit “Okwepitcha” labeled Spice Diana as an imposter, accusing her of projecting a fraudulent image and embracing a counterfeit lifestyle.
He asserted that Spice lacks authenticity in every aspect, from the music she releases to her clothing choices and even her appearance.
“In contrast to Spice Diana, Sheebah remains true to herself. Unlike Spice Diana, who fabricates her music, lifestyle, and even her complexion – she was once dark-skinned, but now she has transformed to an almost unnatural shade of yellow instead of her natural brown,” Gravity Omutujju remarked.
Gravity emphasized that he has known Spice Diana for a long time, and that the Siri Regular singer had a dark skin complexion in the past.