Tuesday, May 28News That Matters

NUP’s National Tours Gospel .

The National Unity Platform say that among the issues currently creaming their National Tour Gospel that Ugandans need to open their eyes to is vote rigging.
Joel Ssenyonyi, the party’s spokesperson while speaking to our reporters he said that the current warm welcome so far exhibited in Mbarara, Fort Portal and Kasese is a sign of the change that the electorates have always expected but ended up not realizing due to an obvious circumstance which is vote-rigging.
“We’ve always said that the ultimate remedy to vote rigging and dictatorship generally is the people. The people have to rise up and say enough is enough. The NUP Countrywide Tour is intended to rally Ugandans to wake up and say enough is enough” said Ssenyonyi.
Ssenyonyi further points a finger at the heavy security that is usually deployed during the election as the first epitome of vote rigging, and then of course alleges that some actions are done behind closed doors.
“You all saw videos of military officers ticking ballot papers at polling stations in the 2021 general elections. These people are not even sophisticated, they operate like they did while in the bush!” alleges Ssenyonyi.