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NWSC Warns Middlemen Selling Water Expensively.

The Minister of water and environment Sam Cheptoris has sounded a warning against middlemen that sell water expensively. Cheptoris sounded the warning as he officiated the launch of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Corporate plan 2021 – 2026 at Katosi, Mukono District.
Before the launch Sam Cheptoris the minister of Water and Environment first inspected the newly completed magnificent water plant.
The Corporate plan will focus on improved customer service delivery and an increase in water and sewerage services coverage across the country.
According to Eng. Silver Mugisha the Executive Director NWSC, the corporation will make sure that it installs more automated water points in Kampala metropolitan area to solve the problem of middlemen selling water expensively yet they get it cheaply from NWSC.
“There are people who tarnish the image of NWSC by exorbitantly selling water to people, these people get water from us cheaply,
“We have plans to install automated Water points with water price tags in Kampala so that we end the vice of cheating Ugandans” Mugisha added.
The Mukono South member of parliament Fred Kayondo commended the NWSC for choosing the Katosi area for the project. He however expressed disappointment over lack of piped water to the people of Katosi where the plant is located.
“It’s very unfortunate that most areas in Mukono South lack piped water, yet the plant is in the Katosi area therefore I urge the NSWC to consider us” Kayondo noted.
The minister of water and environment Sam Cheptoris cautioned the NWSC Board to stick to the launched corporate plan so that Ugandans receive quality services.
“While implementing the corporate plan, please start with the people of Katosi, I have given you three months so that piped water is supplied to the Katosi people” , the Minister said
Cheptoris directed NWSC to ensure that the environment is preserved by planting trees at the water pump. NWSC should also build a school in the area as regards the social corporate responsibility.
The 82 million Euros project will provide an additional 160 million litres of water on a daily basis to the Kampala metropolitan Area.

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