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NWSC threatens to cut off water supply for police over debts.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has threatened to disconnect the water supply for government agencies including the Uganda Police, the Army and Uganda prisons if they do not clear their outstanding water bills.
According to the NWSC Managing Director Silver Mugisha, the above entities have outstanding water bills of over Shs19 billion and this is affecting the delivery of services to other users.
“It is coming to around Shs19b that has accumulated, this exercise is to get this money, and they must pay for it,” Dr Mugisha said while addressing a press conference on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at the head offices in Nakasero
“Management has taken a painful decision to implement a strict disconnection strategy for all outstanding arrears of more than one month, with immediate effect, if they do not pay for it, UMEME will switch off the water, and the suppliers need their money,” he added.
Dr Mugisha was specifically concerned with the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Uganda Police Service and Uganda Prisons Service which have accumulated arrears of UGX19b over and above the existing Shs43b arrears that the Ministry of Finance has accepted to budget for and clear.
The 19b arrears accrued between July 2022 and March 2023.
“We pay for power, chemicals, and repair materials among other production inputs for every cubic meter of water supplied to customers. The providers of the production inputs need money to continue supplying us. We therefore urge customers to pay their water bills from as low as 5000UGX and above” he said
He said all government institutions that have accumulated domestic arrears over and above the discount invoicing threshold approved by the Ministry of Finance will be disconnected, with immediate effect, after failed attempts to heed the PSST’s directive to consider water bills as the first call on quarterly releases consistently.

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