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Lightning strike on church in Zombo kills woman.

The tragedy happened on Thursday afternoon when lightning struck the chapel of St. Peter’s Church Agober.
Agnes Otembi, the wife of catechist Julius Otembi, was inside the facility and is believed to have died instantly from the hit.
The lighting also struck the electricity connection in the priest’s house.
Violent winds deroofed part of the chapel and uprooted cassava in a nearby garden.
Ozelle Bidong, the chairperson of the church’s works committee, said Otembi was weeding her garden and when it began to rain, she sought shelter inside the church.
It was a decision that would lead to her tragic end.
Jimmy Okwonga, the LC3 chairperson of the Kango sub-county, where the incident happened, said he had gotten in touch with the Zombo district disaster preparedness committee to assess the situation.
He urged church leaders and school authorities to prioritize the installation of lightning conductors on all public buildings to protect people.
Okwonga also cautioned people on what not to do during rainy weather.
“I told them they should avoid taking shelter in houses that are tall without lightning conductors on them. And they should avoid taking shelter under trees.
“At least people should make sure they have footwear on them.”

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