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Nkoko Bridge Contractor Warned Against Shoddy Work.

Leaders in Mukono district have cautioned the contractor Al- Mubarak Contractors Limited who has been awarded the repair works of the Nkoko bridge on River Ssezibwa in Kasawo Sub County, Mukono district against doing shoddy works.
The warning follows a handover of unstandardized work by a contractor of the fish house constructed in Kame valley market in Mukono municipality.
The Mukono Resident District Commissioner-RDC Fatuma Ndisaaba Nabitaka tasked the contractor to ensure that they deliver the work that they have pledged to do.
“We have seen situations where contractors are given designs for projects and they deliver their own things, I, therefore, expect to see the same design being replicated at the end of the contract next year,” she said
Ndisaaba also warned the area chairpersons against conniving with residents to steal the contractor’s fuel meant to do the work hence delaying the completion of the construction works.
“I am aware that locals are recommended by their area chairpersons for jobs; however, these work together to steal fuel from the contractors which stall the work.” She said
The contractor has been awarded the work by the Ministry of works and transport to reconstruct the bridge of 1.42 km worth 2.139 Billion shillings to be completed in 12 months.
The LCV Mukono district Chairperson, Rev Peter Bakaluba has cautioned them against delayed works and asked the ministry of works and transport to release funds so that the contractors can work within the given time frame.
“Contractors please work on time. We do not want to see 12 months turning into 24 months,” he said
“To the works ministry, please realize the funds so that these contractors can do the work within the given time.” He added
The bridge which was washed away by heavy rains in 2019 connects Ntunda Sub County and Kasawo sub-counties. This in turn paralyzed transport between the districts of Kayunga and Mukono.
Due to delay by government and district officials on the matter, the residents then resorted to making a makeshift bridge and using a small boat to cross the bridge to their different destination; however, this was only used by motorcyclists and pedestrians. Those with vehicles used Ntunda–Kyabazaala–Kayunga Road to Mukono, which is about one and a half hour’s drive.
Eng.William Kabiiho , the Assistant Commissioner in charge national roads and bridges in the ministry of works and transport, also asked the contractor to do quality work. He then pledged to ensure that they provide the contractors with the funds so that they can produce good quality work and deliver on time.
“The ministry is going to do their best to ensure that the funds are released on time so that the bridge works are finished on time.” He said
The works come as a relief to the residents who have been spending a lot of money on transportation and had also posed a risk to their lives.
Rose Naluwembe a resident said they have spent a lot of money on transport as they have to rotate around and pass via Kayunga to sell their goods.
“We have to take a longer route through Kayunga and this has cost us more money and left others counting losses because their produce gets spoilt on the way the market.” She said
Rashid Mpiirito says that people had made a lot of losses as a result of the collapse of the bridge however; reconstruction of the bridge will lead to development in the area.
Dan Nsiiro, the Nkoko village chairperson, also reveals that they have lost a number of people who had drowned while trying to cross the river since its collapse.
“We have lost people especially strangers in the area who ride motorcycles at night without knowing that the bridge was washed away.” He says

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