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Namilyango College Vs Former Student Case Flops, Court Sets 8th, Jan 2022 For Hearing

Mukono High Court resurrects George Eronda case against Namilyango college School, in 2019 Eronda petitioned Mukono high court challenging his unlawful expulsion from the school, a thing that led him to miss his 2019 UCE finals.

Eronda was transferred to another center of Buddo ss without his consent and the parents and when he went sit his first paper Mr. Constantine Mpuuga Sajjabi told him that he was not their student and that he should go to Buddo ss.

Eronda through his lawyer Walter Bwiire ran to court and secured a Court order from Mukono High Court directing Namilyango college to allow him sit for the exams which but the Namilyango college defied the order and denied the boy to sit.

Wandera Eronda, the father of the student, wants Namilyango college to compensate him for the four years his son spent at Namilyango.

“Headteachers in the so-called first world schools behave like demi-gods, they just do whatever they want to our children without considering the hardships we parents go through looking for school fees, I can’t just let it go like that,” Wandera said.

Wandera also wants the Headteacher to explain his acts expelling the child without informing the board of directors, he adds that Namilyango college should be answerable in deregistering his son without the knowledge of UNEB.

Counsel Walter Bwiire said that Namilyango college has for so many times been not responding to the summons, however, this time he has hopes that they will appear to defend themselves.

Engora Kenneth Counsel to Namilyango college refused to respond to the media, Case was scheduled for 8th, January, 2022.

It was alleged that Eronda misbehaved by fighting with a colleague during a school trip while he was a student at Namilyango which is contrary to the school rules.

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