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Nambooze Discovers Ghost EMYOOGA SACCOs in Mukono Municipality

Following the deputy speaker’s directive on MPs to probe on EMYOGA funds utilisation, the legislators across the country are currently moving around in their constituencies to assess disbursement of the Emyooga money.
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze unearthed a number of irregularities amongst the officials who were tasked to run the program in the municipality.
She discovered a SACCO of elected leaders led by the central division GISO, Kizito Magera and his wife, Nambooze says that some politicians are also getting the same money that is meant for low income earners.
According to Nambooze, some of the SACCOs belong to elected leaders who are mandated to monitor and oversee the implementation of government programs.
“It is out of law politicians are not mandated to use this money, their group was given Shs.50 Million, how are they going to monitor these government workers when they have received their huge share?” asked Nambooze.
In the probe they also discovered some ghost SACCOs like fish farmers sacco which was not in existence and it was given 30 millions.
The principal community development officer Ms Namukose Kisa defended herself that they lacked facilitation to monitor these SACCOs.
“Madam Nambooze, we work a lot. We have to move from one place to another but with no transport facilitation, so we based on the information being given to us by some SACCO leaders.” Namukose noted.
Nambooze asked the finance ministry and the MicroFinance Support Centre to dismiss such SACCOs.
Out of Shs. 260 billion meant for Emyooga, Mukono municipality was given shs 560 million to be shared among 18 SACCO groups. However Nambooze says all the groups received money before registration.

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