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Nama Community Decry Bad Odours From Drake Lubega’s Farm

Residents of Lukalu Kimbuguma Village in Mama sub county Mukono District and those staying at Katoogo road, are raising concerns over a noxious odors emanating from the dumping site.
At Lukalu Kimbuguma one is ushered in by pleasant smell and the buzzing sounds from the house flies coupled with a flock of great egret bird species flying over.
Numerous neighbors recently complained of unpleasant smells they claim are coming from the farm which was turned into a dumping ground for waste from Drake Lubega’s poultry farms.
Residents who claimed the farm had turned their neighborhood into a dust bowl, now are insisting a new problem, health concerns from foul odors they now experience stomach issues, nauseous and headachy issues due to the pungent and repulsive air they take in
“They pour six to nine sinotructs of poultry waste on a daily basis, we have to lock ourselves in the house to eat something, we are now falling sick” residents complained.
The village chairperson Ronald Kasule wondered about the intentions of dumping waste next to the people’s homes yet he has much bigger land where he could dump the waste, he added that if he doesn’t not comply the community will block his trucks from accessing the village
“The local council committee summoned Mr. Lubega but he refused to comply, it’s like he undermines the area local leaders, a furious Kasule noted.
The site manager, identified as Lwanga, said that they are working tirelessly to dig underground pits so that the waste is being covered underground.
“The meeting with the community we assured them that we are going to find measures of regulating the smell by digging a deep pit, because we want to leave with the people we found in the community peacefully,” Lwanga noted.
Meanwhile the LC 3 CV chairperson John Bosco Isabirye, noted that they are going to call Mr. Lubega on ground so that they come up with a solution amicably.
“May be Mr. Lubega was cleared by the district Environment officer because he has never reported his activities at the sub county” said Isabirye.

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