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My Analysis on the Presidential Transition.

By Larry Mayanja

*A leader is not successful until his successor has succeeded.*

Do not rush to call M7 a good leader. We have never seen M7’s good leadership.
This transition will tell us whether M7 is a good leader or not.

There is only one peaceful way to a transition. The government should engage all opposition parties in talks and negotiations. We may need to change certain provisions of the constitution to achieve a peaceful transition. We will never have a politically stable Uganda when M7’s replacement is smuggled into power the way the Muhoozi project is being handled.
This project will not be a genuine transition at all. There must be openness and transparency at all levels.
All political groups must engage.
This transition is not a small matter as most people assume. There will be peace or problems in future depending on how it will be handled.
M7’s leadership and capability is under real test now.

“If you think M7 is a good leader you have never known anything. M7’s leadership or lack of leadership will be seen in this transition. He can’t run away from it”.

*the writer is a political analyst

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