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Museveni chases Kusasira off the mic.

Presidential Advisor Catherine Kusasira was left shocked after her boss, President Museveni chased her off stage.
During President Museveni’s recent public appearance in Masaka, Kusasira was given an audience. She then told the President how she’s grateful to him for appointing her a presidential advisor.
However she’s disgruntled that she can’t access him whenever she wants to despite her position. Museveni replied by informing her how she will get audience with him in June.
Kusasira then informed the President of how with his help she’s managed to provide employment for over 30,000 youths.
As she was still addressing him, Museveni informed to stop there and then and give the less privileged chance to speak to him.
He informed her and the public that she’s a rich woman and the chance should be given to the poor.

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