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Mukono Municipality MP Told Motorist To Reject Street Parking Fees approved by Councilors

Last week Mukono municipality councillors approved and gazetted some streets for motorists to pay parking fees of Shs 500 per hour
The so far gazetted area is Kayunga road area from Mukono taxi park up to Nasuuti trading center.
This move did not apease motorist that immediately opposed the new policy, these have run to the area member of parliament Betty Nambooze to express their dissatisfaction.
The angry drivers ganged up and parked their trucks at the home of an area member of parliament in Nakabago calling for her intervention.
The drivers argue that the parking fee is only applicable in big cities, where the level of income is high
“We park a whole day without working, and we are required to pay Shs 500 per hour and in Ten hours that’s Shs 5000, that policy is applicable on Kampala street not Mukono” Said one of the motorist.
The motorist reported to Nambooze that didn’t inform them about the new parking fees, they vowed to beat up anyone attempting to ask money from them.
“Madam Nambooze we are reliably not aware of the parking fee policy, we don’t know the people who are collecting the money from us.” Said drivers.
They added that municipality should first work on their bads road and start collecting money from them, because for them they park on Mukono – Kayunga road that belongs to UNRA
The deputy municipal council town clerk, Alex Nanyonga Seruwagi called upon motorists to comply, because the municipality introduced this tax under the local government’s act that approved them responsibility to collect street parking fees, these funds will be used to provide better services in Mukono municipality.
Nanyonga says that they made a memorandum of understanding with UNRA that cleared them to collect parking fees on Kayunga road as they think of extending the policy to other roads in the municipality..
Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze while speaking to Motorist, said that the fee was unfair for leaders to start collecting parking fees without consulting them and this meant to rip motorists out of their meager incomes.
“It’s unfair for the leaders in the municipality to start collecting money without even sensitizing the you, you about desist from paying it, they did not consult parliament” Nambooze said.

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