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Mukono district Loses Another Health Worker to COVID-19, IHK wants 90M

It’s a sad Monday morning to Mukono municipality residents and Mukono medical workers fraternity, as the Mukono international medical center founder and managing director, Dr. Ismael Kizito (35) succumbs to deadly coronavirus.

The radiologist specialist was rushed to Kampala international hospital after developing covid -19 symptoms three weeks back where he has been on life support.

As the second wave of covid-19 surge in Mukono, the death of Dr. Kizito brings to a total of three medical workers who have died of covid-19 in three weeks.

The Mukono municipality medical superintendent Dr. Anthony Konde confirmed the death of Isma, he said Mukono and Uganda atlarge has made a loss in these hard situations because the country is struggling with a few numbers of medical workers in hospitals.

“We are saddened by the death of Dr. Isma who has been radiology specialist in Mukono, generally Uganda has incurred a big loss, Isma has been strong pillar in the fight against the deadly covid-19 in Mukono.” Said Dr. Konde, the Mukono municipality medical superintendent.

Isma has been practically driving covid -19 patients from his hospital to Mulago referral, in the hospital ambulance, but he lacked the recommended protective gears, a thing that might have landed him into problems.

According to reliable sources from the family, the family of the deceased is now struggling to raise the 90 million for medical bills, in order to secure the body which is currently held at Kampala international hospital.

Dr. Isma in his mid thirties, has been the brain behind a fleet of hospitals and one nursing school, under the umbrella of Mukono international medical center.

Uganda Medical Association believes more than 100 health workers have died in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic since March of last year.

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