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Mukono Bishop survives Lynching As Nabakooba Intervenes In Kisowera Land Wrangles

On Friday, Minister Nabakooba Intervened in the land disputes at Kisowera Village between the community and Anglican Church
While touring the disputed land a group of angry residents protested against Bishop Ssebagala’s presence on the land by sending heavy insults towards the man of God.It was minister Nabakooba who tamed the angry residents and directed that the meeting be shifted from the land and be held at the church premises
In attendance were RDC Ndisaba and Mukono Diocese Bishop James Ssebaggala, among other leaders. The church members had called the meeting and sought Nabakooba’s intervention.
The disputed chunk of land is measured approximately 200 acres with over 70 bonafide bibanja holders on it
The angry residents in a meeting pinned Rev. Mikka Lukwaago of St. Stephen Kisowera church of Uganda, for being ruthless on them by stopping from cultivating on their bibanja, building permanent houses and renovating their graveyards.
“I really doubt whether Rev. Mikka is Godly, how can he stop us from renovating our graves, they also doesn’t want us to bury on our bibanja yet for decades we have burying our people here” noted Badru Musoke
The residents also reported to the minister that they paid large sums of money to the church In order to get land titles, but up to now we have never gotten the lease titles.
When Mukono Bishop, James William Ssebaggala stood to speak the people protested by booing him with lots of insults, until RDC Ndisaba and Mukono North MP intervened.
“Please let us give respect to each other, so leave the Bishop to speak so we discover the problem” Ndisaba said.
Later Bishop Ssebaggala said that, it’s wrong of the residents to accuse me (Ssebagala) and Rev. Mikka, because the land does not belong to us as individuals, the land belongs to the church of Uganda.
“The church is going to have a hospital constructed on this land, but we are not going to chase away the people, there is going to be a mutual understanding between the Church and residents. Bishop Ssebagala noted.
Mukono North member of Parliament Hon. Abdallah Kiwanuka, cautioned the bibanja holders to be royal to the Landlord, Counsel Abdallah warned bibanja holders to avoid selling off their bibanja without notifying their landlords, because it is main cause of the disputes between landlords and tenants.
The Minister directed RDC Ndisaba to call for another meeting of all concerned parties to “verify the bibanja owners of the disputed land” and “thereafter discuss with the church on a possible way forward,” with the aim of “creating stability in the area.

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