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Muhoozi can only make his name by fighting for people’s rights.

Dr. Kizza Besigye has asked Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to fight for the rights of people if he wants to show that he is different from his father, president Museveni.
Besigye claimed Muhoozi has been holding rallies while other people are denied the chance to do the same.
“How can you Muhoozi be having processions and public rallies while they(security forces) are clobbering those other citizens you claim to be wanting to lead and you say nothing about it?” he queried.
“It is okay for you to hold a rally. It is criminal for the NUP to hold the meeting in Kyenjojo. You are in Mubende holding a huge rally. Those (opponents) are being tortured, terrorised while you are being guarded,” he added.
Besigye who is the leader of the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) advised Muhoozi that if he wants any kind of legitimacy, he must fight for the rights of the people, including those who don’t agree with him.
“Have you heard of Museveni stopping Muhoozi? No, instead when he steps out of what internationally is accepted, he apologises on his behalf,” he said.
The four time presidential candidate claimed that the ongoing Muhoozi project is aimed at crystallising a succession plan, adding that this is because president Museveni is aging.
“Sometimes back there were even fears about the state of his (Museveni) health when he was coming (in public space), wearing blankets and so on. So clearly he (Museveni) has a duty now, more than before, to be clear about succession,” he said.
Besigye claimed that Museveni’s succession plan includes his family and the military.
Gen Muhoozi has of late been openly criticising members of his father’s party, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) which has been in power since 1986.
He has also been very vocal about the issues that affecting the young people highlighting different strategies on how to address them.
Besigye said if Muhoozi wants to be different from his father, he should respect the law and fight for the rights of people.
“The most important element of difference that can be shown is to say we are equal under the law. That is the most important difference. Gen Muhoozi and all those hanging around you demonstrate that we are equal before the law,” said Besigye.
“Go to the safe houses where people are being clobbered and tortured, those who are captured by drones get them out. And say, this is unacceptable. Make sure that If I want, hold a rally like you are doing that I am protected and that would be demonstrating at least some kind of difference,” he added.
Recently, Muhoozi Kainerugaba slammed the old generation of leaders to which his father and uncle, Gen Salim Saleh belong, for reportedly dominating the young generation as he declared his presidential ambitions.
The 48-year-old serving military officer and presidential advisor special operations indicated that he has had enough waiting for his turn to lead Uganda as time seems to be fast-running out for him.

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