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MTN Uganda hosts successful women’s edition of march monthly tee, Empowering female golfers and supporting women-led businesses.

MTN Uganda, in collaboration with various women-led businesses, hosted a successful Women’s Edition of the March Monthly Tee, dedicated to promoting female participation in golf and supporting
women entrepreneurs. The event, held on Saturday 23rd March 2024 at the Entebbe Golf Club, marked a significant milestone in MTN’s ongoing efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion in sports and business.
As part of MTN Uganda’s commitment to increasing the number of female golfers, the company launched the MTN Women’s Golfers Program from March to June 2023. Twenty-one ladies from MTN Uganda graduated from the program, reflecting the positive impact of initiatives aimed at empowering women through sports.
The Women’s Edition of the March Monthly Tee featured various activities and partnerships aimed at enhancing the overall experience for female golfers. The event was led by a female MC and DJ, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. Additionally, MTN MoMo paid the green fees for all female participants, further incentivizing women to engage in the sport.
In line with MTN Uganda’s commitment to shared value, the company partnered with women-led SMEs to offer unique experiences and services during the event.
Mshona Fashions, a high-fashion brand specializing in luxurious ready-to-wear clothing, provided free body consultations and showcased their designs, adding a touch of elegance to the event.
Le Mémorial Medical Services, a woman-led hospital offering outpatient and
inpatient services, conducted free breast cancer screenings and therapeutic
massages, contributing to the health and well-being of participants. Ashaba Flights,
an affordable domestic private flight service, offered a pair of tickets as one of the
prizes, adding excitement and value to the event.
Furthermore, Livara Cosmetics, known for their natural and organic beauty products,
provided products to protect golfers' skin from the sun, emphasizing the importance
of skincare in outdoor activities like golf.
Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Uganda, expressed her enthusiasm
for the success of the Women’s Edition of the March Monthly Tee, stating, “We are
thrilled to see the positive impact of our initiatives in promoting female participation in
golf and supporting women-led businesses. This event reflects our commitment to
diversity, inclusion, and shared value, and we look forward to continuing our efforts
to empower women through sports and entrepreneurship.”
The event also celebrated the winners of the March Monthly Tee, showcasing the
talent and achievements of female golfers in Uganda. Winners were awarded prizes
generously provided by MTN Uganda and its partners, further highlighting the
company's dedication to promoting women's success in sports and business.