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Mother burns her 4-year-old daughter’s hands over meat.

A 27-year-old mother has been arrested and is currently in custody at Luwero Central Police Station on charges of child torture.
The incident happened on August 15 in Kiyenje zone in Luwero district.
According to reports, the mother, identified as Nampima Aisha, was allegedly witnessed by local residents subjecting her own 4-year-old daughter, Nakalungi Shanizi Nambooze, to distressing mistreatment.
The child was reportedly burned, kicked, and beaten by the suspect, who accused her of stealing meat.
The residents alerted their area councillor, Zimula Salim who contacted the police. The suspect was apprehended while the child was transported to Kasana Hospital, where she currently remains under medical care and observation.
“We have initiated an official inquiry into this matter, focusing on the alleged child torture. Our officers are gathering information from various sources to ensure a thorough investigation,” said the police.