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Government should gazette Nakivubo stadium as a tourism site.

Following its renovation to meet modern standards by Ugandan businessman Al-Hajji Hamis Kiggundu, Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium has started to garner attention not just within Africa, but also across the world.
Even before its completion, the stadium has become a popular attraction, drawing in hundreds of visitors daily who are eager to witness how a Ugandan investor transformed a dilapidated stadium located in a previously crime-ridden area into an internationally recognized venue equipped with modern facilities.
Internationally, sports have proven to be a significant source of revenue, contributing to the growth and development of countries that have invested in this sector. With that in mind, Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium has the potential to not only elevate Uganda’s image but also serve as a host for various games, creating abundant business opportunities for Ugandans and contributing to the nation’s overall development through revenue generated from stadium tours.
Ham Kiggundu’s investment in Nakivubo goes beyond the mere construction of a sports facility; it is a symbol of Uganda’s potential and its determination to embrace its responsibilities and propel Africa towards prosperity.
Therefore, it is imperative for the government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities, to recognize and gazette Nakivubo Memorial Stadium as a national heritage site.
This designation would highlight the stadium’s various sports grounds as an evolution of sports sites and landscapes, providing incredible national exposure and further enhancing business opportunities for Ugandans.