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Ministry of Internal Affairs -over 30,000 passports uncollected by owners.

Over 30,000 passports have not yet been collected at the passport centre at Kyambogo in Kampala of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
According to the Internal Affairs spokesperson, Simon Mundeyi, between 20,000 and 30,000 newly printed passports have remained uncollected by owners in the past 2 or 6 years.
“These people processed these passports, applied, paid for them, lined up at our offices , we went ahead to process the passports, made them available and are now not being picked. We don’t understand why,”Mundeyi said.
“You know a stockpile of passports generally slows down the system as storage space for new passports is reduced leading to delays in issuing of newly printed passports. We want people to collect the new passports so as to get space to keep the newly printed ones.” He added
Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs processes and prints 3000 copies of passports per day.

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