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Minister Muyingo launches 3rd edition of Huawei ICT Competition.

(Kampala Uganda, Friday 27th August 2021)The State Minister for Higher Education Dr John Chrysestom Muyingo has today launched the Huawei ICT Competitions 2021- 2022.Launching the third edition of the competitions at Serena Hotel Kampala on Friday, Dr Muyingo lauded Huawei Technologies for working with the government of Uganda to promote the delivery of quality education through ICT.
“We partnered with Huawei for the Seeds for the future program and over the years we have always made it a point to play an active role in the implementation of the digital upskilling initiatives in schools and universities across the country,” the Minister said.
” The Corona Virus Pandemic has presented the sector with profound challenges. No one foresaw the coming of this pandemic and the crippling effect it would have on all sectors of the economy including Education. Over 15 million learners have been left at home and we have been forced to rethink the delivery of Education for our learners. With the broad experience that Huawei has developed over the years, I am confident that this partnership can help us to find more innovative solutions to these challenges which we are facing. I call upon you to begin exploring the possibilities for delivery of infrastructure that will bring our education sector up to speed with the dynamic changes and resulting challenges that have been presented by the 21st century,”he added.
Dr Muyingo further noted that as government they believe that the skills that are being imparted through programs such as the ICT Academy, ICT Competition and Seeds for the Future are relevant to our socio-economic development agenda.
” They act as a crucial platform for sharing the latest ICT technologies, enriching students’ work experience and equipping them with relevant skills for the dynamic world of work,” Dr Muyingo remarked.
“Government is committed to upscaling and mainstreaming ICT in the delivery of Education as a measure to facilitate continued learning during this lockdown. We have requested National Council for Higher Education to work with our universities and allow them to operate through Open Distance Education and Learning. I request all of us here to come together, share ideas and make this innovation a success even for post lockdown learning.”

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